What is the recovery period for VenaSeal vein treatment?

Patients often go right to work or simply move on with their daily activities immediately after treatment.

Following the VenaSeal procedure, recovery starts immediately as patients are able to resume normal daily activities following the varicose vein treatment. Patients often go right to work, others go to the gym or out dancing to celebrate their new legs, and all with only a discreet Band-Aid. After radiofrequency ablation, patients resume normal activities, but are asked to avoid heavy lifting for 24-hours. In addition, they are required to wear a compression stocking for 5-days.

With your valuable time in mind, we are able to perform the VenaSeal™ procedure 1-2 days following your initial office visit and consultation. Our provider’s schedule is flexible, established to meet your needs whether that means an early morning, evening, or lunch time appointment.