My mother underwent EVLT (vein center in Scottsdale) 4 months ago. After surgery the skin ulcers became worse. How long before she's healed.

She should be well on the road to recovery 4 months after EVLT.

Question: My mother underwent EVLT 4 months ago. She had small skin ulcer before surgery. After surgery the skin ulcers around her ankle ruptured, resulting in a large wound that has yet to heal. In fact, the ulcers have gotten worse. How long before she’s completely healed? What can be done about the ulcers?

Answer: By this time, if her issue is only venous in nature, she should be well on the road to recovery. If there are co-morbid issues such as arterial disease, diabetes, obesity, and/or smoking, her recovery will be more complex. I would recommended follow-up evaluation by her provider or a second opinion to make sure all is being done from a vein standpoint to ensure all is being done to help her ulcers heal.