Need to decide between VNUS Closure and Endovenous Laser Ablation

Question: I had my large saphenous vein removed and now I need my smaller saphenous vein removed in right and left legs, and large saphenous in left leg. I have two good doctors and have read that VNUS has less bruising. Is it better than ELT?

Answer: Bruising is more dependent on the technician and your predisposition to bruising. Some people bruise quite a bit, while others do not. Both the radiofrequency ablation (VNUS) and laser ablations (ELT) work well to close the targeted vein, both have greater than 94% success rate in the literature. As long as you go to a competent provider, they are equal outcomes. They are identical techniques that use different forms of energy to accomplish the same thing.

If you are concerned about bruising, you can always take Arnica ahead of and after your procedure. It is homeopathic, can be picked up almost anywhere and minimizes bruising and inflammation. If you do bruise it typically resolves quickly.