What is a Vein Specialist?

A vein specialist is a medical provider whose main focus is the treatment and management of venous disease including varicose veins and spider veins.


What is a Vein Specialist?

When the venous system becomes incapable of doing its job effectively, that is when a vein specialist is at their best. A vein specialist is a medical provider whose main focus is the treatment and management of venous disease. Vascular medicine is composed of two different systems, arterial and venous. The arterial system is the blood pumped from the heart to the body. The venous system is the blood that is returned from the body back to the heart. The arterial system can develop blockages or plaque within the vessels; whereas the venous system becomes weak and the vessels lose the ability to effectively get the blood back to the heart.

Regardless of the reason for the vein insufficiency, there are in-office vein treatments available to improve your current situation, minimize symptoms, and restore your ability to perform your normal activities of daily living. It is important to choose a provider who is skilled in the specific field in which they practice. Although vein treatment is now minimally invasive, there are potential risks associated with incorrect or inexperienced care. A provider who has extensively studied, trained, and performed these interventions will be able to provide you with the best vein treatment options with minimal complications or risk.

For example, Dr. Jilanne Rose is a peripheral vascular specialist that has solely performed well over 10,000 peripheral vascular interventions and has spent well over 31,500 hours treating patients with vein and cardiovascular disease. Veins truly are our specialty as we focus all of our time on techniques relating only to the treatment of venous disease including varicose veins, spider veins, leg ulcers, DVT, lymphedema, vulvar varicosities, and other leg, foot, and ankle venous problems.

Over 30 million American men and women are affected by varicose veins, venous reflux disease, and Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI). Sadly, only 15% seek treatment for because they believe it is a cosmetic rather than a health problem or for fear of the treatments or they believe vein treatment cost is prohibitive. In fact, vein treatments have vastly improved over the past 5 - 10 years and most insurers will cover the treatment of varicose veins. So don’t put your vein health in the hands of just anyone — seek out a vein specialist to help with your concerns and questions.