What to expect at my first visit at Advanced Vein Institute of Arizona?

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Duplex ultrasound, exam, consultation, and discussion of treatment options as well as a discussion about your insurance coverage.

We Answer Your Questions About Varicose Veins and Insurance

It is imperative that every patient considering vein treatment of any kind first obtain a vein diagnosis with venous duplex ultrasound and vein mapping by a certified vein specialist. Your initial visit with Jilanne Rose, DNP-C includes: a vein screening, followed by health evaluation, physical examination, discussion of your symptoms, and your individual concerns. Ultrasound is vitally important because a patient may believe their venous concern is only mild or cosmetic, oftentimes there is a larger underlying disease process such as Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI) or Venous Reflux Disease. The vein mapping portion of the lower extremity ultrasound enables Dr. Rose to identify the correlation between the insufficient veins and your specific symptoms. Vein mapping also provides information for us to determine an appropriate plan of care to include minimally invasive treatments.

As a convenience to our patients, we always have a Registered Vascular Technician (RVT) on staff to perform a thorough venous duplex ultrasound scan and vein mapping. These studies are typically a part of every new patient’s initial visit. There is no need for you to make two separate appointments when we can perform these services in one sitting. Dr. Rose will go over the results immediately because we respect your time and we structure a care-plan that accommodates your schedule and desires.

Our team wants to set your mind at ease. During your initial appointment, Dr. Rose will answer all of your questions about your veins and treatment. Either Beth or Michella will answer all of your questions about insurance, scheduling and post-operative care.

Additionally, we will secure pre-approval with your insurance company for any vein procedures or vein treatments that have been recommended. At this time, we will verify with your insurance company the percentage of costs that they will cover, and make you aware of any out of pocket costs that you would be required to pay. We also offer CareCredit if you need to finance your varicose vein treatment.

You should note that insurance companies typically require that patients try more conservative varicose vein management techniques for a time before they will approve the various varicose vein ablation procedures or VenaSeal. Compression stockings are usually the favored treatment in this case, and Dr. Rose can prescribe these if you require them.