Q&A: I have a small vein that is still bulging six weeks after sclerotherapy. Is this normal?

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Question: I had a small bulging vein treated six weeks ago with sclerotherapy and it still shows. I had bigger veins treated last year and was happy with the results. My legs looked great and the scans were great too. This vein is supposedly a residual vein. It's only a small one, but I wanted it gone. Should it not have decreased in size or disappeared by now? Will I need another round? I'm scheduled for an appointment next month.

Answer: Sclerotherapy is not 100% successful every time. It is possible that the treatment failed and it will need to be re-treated. If it is closed, typically it will look slightly worse as the body absorbs the tissue and carries it away. This process can take several weeks to a few months for complete visual clearance.