Does vein treatment hurt?

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Generally patients rank pain levels of treatment at a 1 or 2 versus the 8 to 10 they have every day with painful varicose veins.

With our new medical grade adhesive treatment (VenaSeal™), there is only one initial needle stick and 20 minutes after the procedure has completed, you are on your feet walking out of the office as if nothing was done – without compression stockings. Patients report their immediate post-procedure pain normally ranks at a 1-2 versus the 8-10 level of pain pre-procedure. The same can be said with radiofrequency ablation treatment (RFA) and endovenous laser ablation therapy (EVLT) regarding pain, as patients report minimal if any pain. However, with RFA and EVLT you are required to wear compression stockings for 5-days after surgery. Putting off vein treatment is certainly more painful than either of these effective and minimally invasive vein interventions. The risks of doing nothing are much greater than the risks associated with these in-office procedures.