Do I need vein treatment for venous reflux at age 25?

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I’m 25, have spider veins and visible blue veins behind knees on both legs. Ultrasound showed 0.4 sec reflux in GSV right leg. Some doctors told me this is normal, but is it normal? And, if not, is it dangerous or weird for my age?

Medical criteria notes that anything over a half a second of reflux is considered abnormal. Every patient is different. At the age of 25, some patients are very symptomatic and others are not. Vein insufficiency is a chronic progressive condition, so if your symptoms bother you enough, then it is worthwhile considering interventional options. If your symptoms don’t bother you significantly, then conservative therapy can help until such time that you chose to do something about it. Things like daily exercise, elevation, compression, and homeopathic supplements (Diosmin and horse chestnut), can help alleviate symptoms of fatigue, heaviness, and swelling.