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VIDEO - Your Vascular System and Vein Insufficiency

Tim C. Martin
March 9, 2017

01 Your Vascular System and Vein Insufficiency from Tim C Martin on Vimeo.


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When we talk about vascular health and vascular disease most people think about arteries. When we talk about the circulatory system you have arteries and veins. Arteries carry blood from the heart to the toes and veins are what carry blood back from the toes up to the heart. More specifically in the vascular system you have a deep and a superficial vein system. Your deep vein system is considered sacred. It is absolutely necessary. We don’t like to touch it with intervention. It is the one we get concerned about when we talk about blood clots or DVT. You can get blood clots in both the deep and superficial vein systems. The superficial vein system isn’t as dangerous if you get a clot in that part of it. The deep vein system runs very close to the bone and that is why we consider it a deep vein system.

The superficial vein system can be pictured like branches of a tree. It comes off that deep vein system in particular areas and it comes closer to the surface of the skin. Not only does it include the spider veins you can see on the surface and the big ropy varicose veins you can see as well, it also exists in a plane of tissue you can’t necessarily see and because you can’t see it people often times mistake it for the deep vein system. In fact it is part of the superficial vein system. When we talk further about vein insufficiencymore specifically, that is the area we are targeting when we talk about interventions and things we can do to make the legs feel better.

01 The Vascular System - Overview 

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