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What is the down time for vein treatment?

Jilanne Rose, DNP ANP-BC
September 17, 2018

Question: What is the down time?

Answer: Downtime is largely based on the type of intervention and severity of the vein disease. Regardless of the type of intervention, our patients resume all activities the same day as treatment. Some treatments require compression stockings post-procedure, but most times these are worn for comfort and support. All treatments have mild discomfort associated with them, but most patients are not restricted by this discomfort.

Question: What is the average cost if you have varicose veins in one leg and spider veins in the other?

Answer: Most varicose vein treatment, if medically necessary, is covered by insurance. Spider vein treatment costs vary depending on the amount of veins present, if the insurance will cover them (medically necessary) and what the patient chooses to treat.

Question: What do insurance cover, I am on Medicare with a supplement.

Answer: Medicare with a supplement covers the office visits, necessary ultrasounds and interventions, typically at 100%. Usually there is not an out of pocket expense associated with in-office treatment.

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