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VIDEO - The Venous Anatomy

Tim C. Martin
April 25, 2017

05 CVI The Venous Anatomy from Tim C Martin on Vimeo.

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Anatomy of Veins:

Again, we talked about the superficial and the deep vein systems. This is an example of the great saphenous vein. It comes from behind the foot on the inside of the leg and runs up along the shin onto the inside of the knee and further up to the groin. Then you have a small saphenous vein which starts on the outside of the ankle and runs through the middle of the calf and runs behind the knee.

Remember those aren’t the only two superficial veins in the legs. They are like branches of the trunk of a tree, called accessory veins. So from those veins come all of the ones we usually see on the surface of the skin. This is just an example of those branches of a tree. This is your greater saphenous vein here and this is two of the larger branches that come off in the thigh. Then you have several behind the leg and down into the calf as well. Both the great saphenous vein and small saphenous vein have accessory veins. 

CVI The Venous Anatomy 

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