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Q&A: What is "extensive vascular calcium deposits"?

Jilanne Rose, DNP ANP-BC
April 30, 2018

Question: What is "extensive vascular calcium deposits" when shown on X-rays?

Answer: Typically calcific changes refer to the way vessels appear on X-ray. Calcium appears a more whitish hue on x-ray; so if one reads an x-ray and vessels appear less translucent or more white, they will be classified with “calcified changes”. In arteries this can sometimes be an indication of plaque burden in the vessels, and in veins this can sometimes indicate a history of a clot. In the absence of symptoms or family history of vascular issues, it may mean nothing. But if a person is having symptoms or a strong family history of vascular disease, it may be worthwhile having a consultation with your primary provider to evaluate whether consultation with a specialist is warranted.

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