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Q&A: My Ankle is Still Swollen After Injections

Jilanne Rose, DNP ANP-BC
May 10, 2018

Question: I had my injections (Sclerotherapy) done 3 weeks ago (not at Advanced Vein Institute of Arizona). My ankle is still terribly swollen. I've been back twice for an ultrasound and no clot. How long does the swelling normally last? 

I walk and did wear my stockings as directed. It is deterring me from continuing treatment as I feel like this hasn’t improved. It looks hideous and I’m embarrassed and mad that I did it.

Answer: Depending on the size of the vein, post injection swelling, pain, and looking “worse” can last several months. Sclerotherapy, when performed correctly, will successfully close the vein, but once closed, it takes the body time to absorb that tissue and carry it away. Depending on the person and the size of vein injected, this process can take 4 weeks to several months. The smaller the vein the more quickly visual improvement is seen. Larger veins can take more time, and things like swelling, bruising, and discomfort at the treatment area are part of the healing process.

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