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Q&A: What can you suggest to lessen varicose veins visibility?

Jilanne Rose, DNP ANP-BC
May 2, 2018

Question: I am 50 years old; a bachelor, and a teacher. Right now I have varicose veins (though they are not painful) in my right leg. I am not happy to see them. What can you suggest to lessen its visibility?

Answer: Unfortunately, most conservative therapies are designed for symptomatic control and not necessarily appearance. Treatments such as sclerotherapy and VenaSeal are aimed at eliminating the vein permanently, and can be performed in the office without downtime. The cost of such treatments are not exorbitant for most budgets and can be used for cosmetic purposes. Either option would require an office visit to assess your specific situation, and a treatment plan could be made if you so choose.

Aside from this, you could consider homeopathic supplements such as horse chestnut or diosmin, but again, these are aimed more for control of symptoms such as fatigue, heaviness, swelling, and cramping. The only other option is compression, and since your aim is more cosmetic, I doubt that you would find this adding to the appeal of your physique.

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