I recently had the VNUS procedure done (both legs, multiple veins).  Is it normal to have open, circular wound with redness and slight weepiness?

Question: All of the other areas are healing nicely, but the area on my shin (a bit off center) has a much larger wound. It has been quite red in the immediate area and is a bit weepy and open. It has been over a week since having the VNUS procedure. The doctor in Scottsdale did prescribe silver sulfadiazine cream to apply to the area. He said it would take some time to heal. Is this normal, and why are the other areas OK? 

Answer: The area along the shin, because there is little tissue over the bone is one of the more common places to develop a wound. It does take several weeks to a few months for these types of wounds to heal. Typically the wound is at the area where the vein was accessed. Keep the area clean and dry, do not use abrasive cleaners like peroxide or rubbing alcohol as these degrade healthy tissue as well as bacterial.  

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