Treatment of Veins and CVI

What is the down time for vein treatment?

Q & A Question: What is the down time? Answer: Downtime is largely based on the type of intervention and severity of the vein disease. Regardless of the type of intervention, our patients resume all activities the same day as treatment. Some treatments require compression stockings post-procedure, but most times these are worn for comfort and…

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Q&A: My Ankle is Still Swollen After Injections

Question: I had my injections (Sclerotherapy) done 3 weeks ago (not at Advanced Vein Institute of Arizona). My ankle is still terribly swollen. I’ve been back twice for an ultrasound and no clot. How long does the swelling normally last?  I walk and did wear my stockings as directed. It is deterring me from continuing treatment…

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Q&A: Can Normal Veins Be Treated?

Question: Can normal veins be treated?  So I have normal very long green bluish color veins in my wrist. I know there normal but I hate how they look. Can I treat it with sclerotherapy? I also have 2 long green veins in my chest. Help! Also I’m 15, can I go through sclerotherapy?

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