Home Treatment of Varicose Veins

Compression socks make my legs hurt more, is this normal?

Question: How big of a size do compression stockings come in?  Answer:  Compression socks should be comfortable and supportive. If the stockings are making your symptoms worse, it is likely that they do not fit you correctly.  There are numerous companies that make standard sized compression stockings. Some make 7 to 8 different sizes.  Additionally,…

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Consejos de salud para ayudar a prevenir varices y arañas

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Algunos buenos consejos generales fueron recientemente compartidos por el Consejo de salud de Estados Unidos sobre varices y arañas vasculares. Hay algunos puntos adicionales que deben ser considerados cuando se discute la salud venosa. Con respecto a lo que hay que recordar; es importante mantener una hidratación adecuada. Al hacerlo, se fomentará un flujo sanguíneo…

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Health Tips to Help Prevent Varicose and Spider Veins

Some good general advice was recently shared by U.S. News Health Tip regarding varicose and spider veins. There are a few additional points that should be considered when discussing venous health. Regarding do’s and don’ts to remember; it is important to maintain adequate hydration. In doing so, one will encourage healthy adequate blood flow thereby…

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Q&A: Exercise for Varicose Veins

Question: I want to know which exercises work best since my EVLT treatment did not get me the good results that I expected. Answer: Ones ability to exercise, and the types of exercise a person can complete, varies greatly. Speaking in generalities, exercise that benefits lower extremity venous health does not have to be significantly…

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Question: The knee-high compression sock is pinching the top of my knee and leaving sore marks (indentations). My job requires me to stand all day. I have spider veins in my ankles and on the side of my outer calf. Should I continue to wear the stocking even though it’s uncomfortable?

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