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Q & A: Can Doppler Ultrasounds Find Leg Clots?

Jilanne Rose, DNP ANP-BC
June 22, 2018

Question: Would two Doppler ultrasounds find any leg clots? (Thigh or calf). Is May-Thurner syndrome (MTS) possible and a venography necessary in my case?

I’ve had swelling in my left ankle and calf for a few years. Pain for a few months in calf, and sometimes whole leg, but not when I walk. Occasional tingling. I’ve had 2 ultrasounds on both legs a month apart— 1 while standing and 1 while laying down with the table tilted. No clots were found but some mild venous insufficiency. The suggested treatment was wearing compression stockings for 6 weeks to see if it helps. May-Thurner syndrome was mentioned and the clinic wants to do a venography.

Answer: Ultrasound can easily identify deep (DVT) and superficial vein thrombosis (SVT) in the lower extremities. One concern which can arise with left limb discomfort is the risk of May-Thurner syndrome. While not a common condition, it can certainly cause the sufferer vascular complications. A venogram is the best way to identify May-Thurner syndrome. If the diagnosis is confirmed, and symptoms are sufficient to warrant intervention, typically a stent is placed to protect the compromised vessel from compression.


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