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VIDEO - Vein Insufficiency is Generally NOT Lethal

Tim C. Martin
April 5, 2017

02 CVI is Generally not Lethal from Tim C Martin on Vimeo.


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Important specifics about vein insufficiency: It affects more age groups and it is ten times more prevalent than peripheral artery disease. I think the reason it doesn’t get talked about as often as peripheral artery disease is that it is not lethal. You have heart attacks and you can die. You have clots or blockages in the arterial system and you can lose a limb. With venous insufficiency or vein insufficiency, this is not necessarily the case. Although it can progress and be risky, it is not as life threating as its partner in crime the arterial system. It is more prevalent than arterial disease. 

02 CVI is Generally not Lethal 

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