Your health is much too important to leave in the hands of just anyone.

We are Arizona's best vein doctors with a combined 32+ years of vascular experience, and have completed over 10,000 peripheral vein interventions, over 10,000 angiography-based procedures, and successfully performed over 2,500 limb-salvage procedures!

Why YOU are here - Your Quality of Life

Over 30 million American men and women are affected by varicose veins, venous reflux disease, and Chronic Venous Insufficiency. Often there is significant pain in your legs, swelling, itching, and discomfort that goes along with the conditions. These are progressive diseases with very real health implications, but unfortunately, only 1.9 million seek treatment. Millions of Americans still suffer needlessly every year venous disorders.

Some people remember their Grandmother’s scary stories about painful vein stripping, while many believe that these blood vessels are merely a cosmetic problem. Still others don’t seek treatment because they feel it will be cost prohibitive. Times have changed…there's never been such easy, inexpensive and almost pain-free ways to improve your Quality of Life!

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Why WE are here - Your Quality of Life

Advanced Vein Institute of Arizona has been on the forefront of clinical and technological advances in medicine since the day we opened our doors. Our vascular expertise goes beyond our first rate education and experience. We provide comprehensive, compassionate care with a personalized approach, and you'll be so pleased with the results!

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When to see a vein specialist:

  • If your sleep or daily activities are disrupted due to leg aching, heaviness in the legs, leg swelling, leg itching and skin rashes;
  • If your legs feel pain or you have leg fatigue after being on your feet for long periods of time;
  • If you become aware of painful veins, itching veins or bulging veins;
  • If you have nighttime leg cramps or restless legs;
  • If you have tried compression stockings or home remedies only to see new problem veins arise;
  • If you have a leg ulcer, ankle ulcer or foot ulcer that will not heal;
  • If you have a history of recurrent leg infections;
  • If you have a history of lymphedema.
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You have Options for Vein Treatment

Many venous insufficiency treatments and some spider vein treatments are covered by insurance carriers. These health insurance companies include Aetna, AHCCCS, BCBS, Cigna, Medicare, Mercy Care, Tricare, and United Healthcare, among others, based on your medical condition and symptoms.

You can choose conservative treatments, such as over-the-counter or prescription medications, sclerotherapy, home exercises and compression stockings to start. You can also consider high-tech in-office modern vein treatments, such as Radiofrequency Ablation Therapy, EVLT, ClariVein, or the state-of-the-art VenaSeal Closure procedure. Each of our procedures are minimally invasive and cause very little if any pain.

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I recently finished my treatments. Minimal discomfort during and after, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the treatments were. I wish I had done this years before. Next day I was walking my three miles with no issues. Like Jilanne says, the best is to stay active! I highly recommend Advanced Vein Institute of Arizona.

Sondra Flackus Burwick Real Estate Professional

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I was impressed with the respect Jilanne had for all of my complaints and problems, listening to my long list of needs. She is truly a caring woman who provided me with amazing results for my painful veins.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Susan J. Corporate Executive & Mom

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Vein specialists

We are the best vein doctors in Arizona with a combined 32+ years of vascular experience, having performed over 10,000 peripheral vein interventions, over 10,000 angiography-based procedures, and successfully accomplished over 2,500 limb-salvage procedures!

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Relieve Varicose Veins Pain Temporarily with At-Home Activities

Dealing with the ongoing pain in your legs and venous insufficiency can make you very uncomfortable, and basic activities become more painful and difficult to perform. Strenuous activity becomes almost impossible. Inactivity can make the problem even worse, and lead to even more adverse symptoms.

If you are experiencing the painful leg swelling, leg aching, vein soreness, leg fatigue, restless legs or nighttime leg cramps associated, these quick and simple steps can temporarily help improve your condition before you visit our varicose vein clinic:

  • Elevate your feet whenever possible;
  • Don’t stand or sit for long periods;
  • Keep your legs uncrossed — your goal is to improve blood flow, not cut it off;
  • Consider compression stockings (by prescription only);
  • Low-impact exercise that increases muscle contractions can actually improve venous return to the heart, so it is a good way to start. Just remember to start slowly.
  • Try these Homeopathic Varicose Veins Treatments

If the condition persists, or is only moderately improved with the home remedies, you can still take control of the situation. Continue with these home remedies, and consult the experts at our advanced vein center.

I had a severe leg ulcer that is no longer an issue thanks to the outstanding care I received. Truly a group of people that care about the process of my healing just as much as the necessary vein procedures. Ms. Rose personally has followed my situation from day-one with periodic "check-in" calls. I feel very spoiled and well taken care of.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Larry M. Retired

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